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Compost Odor equipment for Composting

  • Premium

    Apex GoPost3 - Natural, Plant-Based Composting Medium

    GoPost3 is a natural, plant-based composting medium. It transforms organic waste into valuable, versatile, odor-free compost. GoPost3 offers natural alternatives for responsibly disposing all household organic waste.

    By Apex Coconuts and Solar Energy Limited based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Premium Coconut Products - Non-Food Product line

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    ERG - Odour Control for Composting Facilities

    Building on our experience of sewage and food industry odour control, ERG is also now a leading provider of odour control systems for large municipal composting facilities. With major reference plants in the UK and Eire, including at some of the largest waste composting plants constructed, ERG offers systems which reliably treat the odour ...

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Odour Control Product line

  • EKO-Accel

    Novel biological waste treatment additive - immediate odour reduction, digestion enhancement, help meeting compost PAS 100 standards, MSW, sewerage sludgecake, wastewater and biogas fermentation stabiliser.

    By Eco Gea - Nejc Dordic SpA based in Celje, SLOVENIA.

  • AEL - Model Dr. Comp - Food Waste Composter

    Dr. Comp has various daily handling capacities ranges from 20kg to 2,000kg. It is the first choice for food waste processing on site and can be applied at restaurants, canteens, commercial center and residential areas etc. Dr. Comp has advantages of producing true compost, low power-consumption, effective odor-control and simple operation. Dr. ...

    By Associated Engineers, Ltd. based in Hong Kong, CHINA.

  • Model KC2000 - Kitchen Compost Carrier

    The KC2000 is a handy, portable compost carrier and perfect for short term storage of kitchen compost that was designed with home composting programs in mind. A special feature on this container is the optional carbon filter, which helps to eliminate odors caused by composting materials. With its wide opening it is easy to clean off dishes ...

    By Busch Systems International Inc. based in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Kitchen Compost Carrier Product line

  • Hanna Biofilter

    The Hanna Biofilter is an excellent and unique option for the treatment of odours generated by the composting process in the Big Hanna composters. Manufactured from high grade, long lasting stainless steel the Hanna biofilter is a simple, trouble free option that can be sited in interior and exterior locations. Exhaust air including smells, steam ...

    By Susteco AB based in JONSERED, SWEDEN. from Big Hanna options Product line

  • SHAC - Manure Digester

    Designed for the following manure systems: Shallow & deep pit systems, straw packs / dry mounds & bio-shelters, shallow gutters with scrapers, slurry stores & lagoons, solid separation systems, open fields & pens. May also be with used with various compost systems such as domestic compost enclosures. Decreases odors and gases for a ...

    By SHAC Solutions Inc. based in Redcliff, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Commercial Product line

  • Clevebio - Model Amnite C350 - Complex Carbohydrates and Sugars Degrading Product

    Amnite C350 is suitable for treating effluents rich in vegetable organic materials which tend to suffer from problems of incomplete oxidation and poor sludge settlement. Typically these problems can arise in fruit and vegetable processing, paper manufacturing and in the textile industry.

    By Cleveland Biotech Ltd. based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Product line

  • NORS - Compost / Digester System

    Large footprint. Emissions from equipment used in composing process. Small (30%) volume reduction. Composted material is low value - increasing amounts of compost in the marketplace. Potential odors and flies. Difficult to permit near urban areas.

    By National Organics Recycling Systems (NORS) based in Corona, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • In-Vessel Composting Technology

    VCU In Vessel Composting (IVC) technology has been treating a wide variety of organic waste, producing a valuable end product, on behalf of our customers for the past 15 years and is now installed on over 30 sites in seven countries across the world.

    By VCU Europa Ltd. based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Nord Agri - Model RAW - Sphagnum Peat Moss

    Sphagnum peat moss is a natural, ecological soil conditioner, that regulates air and moisture around plant roots in order to improve growing conditions. Peat moss usually is compared to a sponge, because of its unique cellular structure that consists of large cavities that can easily absorb water and air.

    By Nord Agri based in Rīga, LATVIA.

  • Impact MB - Organic Compost

    IMPACT MB from DPI GLOBAL is an organic compost activator that reduces odors while increasing valuable nitrogen content. Made with phytogenic extract, IMPACT MB can help you produce nutrient-rich compost. IMPACT MB is completely water soluble, and can be added to solutions without the need for mixing or stirring. It’s compatible with all ...

    By Distributors Processing, Inc. (DPI) based in Porterville, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • QuikAir - Model 0900 - Air Contact Deodorizer

    QuikAir 0900 concentrate deodorizer is a new type of atomization (misting) product designed for improved odor management at large outdoor facilities such as landfills, compost sites, and wastewater treatment facilities.

    By Global Odor Control Technologies (GOC) based in Bloomington,, INDIANA (USA). from Air Treatment Product line

  • AquaClean - Model ACF-32 - Compost

    Compost contains high levels of nutrients which are not readily bio-available. As AquaClean ACF-32 breaks down the compounds in compost they convert the nutrients in these compounds to more usable forms. The bacteria will absorb some of the nutrients as part of their own requirements and then release them when they die. They also process and ...

    By Nova Q LTD based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Bugs & Smells Product line

  • Composted Chicken Manure

    Unlike many 'bargain' manures that contain filler material, Back to Nature, Inc. Composted Cattle Manure and Composted Chicken Manure are 100% fully composted manures. They have been aerobically composted at temperatures approching 160°F for over four months. Low in moisture content and salts, Back to Nature Composted Cattle Manure and ...

    By Back to Nature, Inc. based in Slaton, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model PTO PA35D-10.5 - Farm Tractor Composter

    Brown Bear Corporation has introduced a revised model of its farm tractor composter. The PTO PA35D-10.5 unit is designed to be attached to the front of 100-160 HP farm tractors. The composter requires a front 3-point hitch, 1000 RPM PTO, and creeper transmission. It is available for ISO and counter ISO PTO shaft rotation. Compost biosolids, yard ...

    By Brown Bear Corporation based in Corning, IOWA (USA). from Farm Tractor Aerator/Composters Product line

  • EcoDrum - Composting Systems

    Ecodrum™ is the leading supplier of in-vessel mortality composting equipment. Since 2007, poultry, turkey, and hog producers have relied on Ecodrum™ composters to dispose of their mortality in a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner. We focus on bringing value to our clients through: Intelligent product design. Continuous ...

    By Tri-Form Poly, Inc. based in Pembina, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • ECOTUNNEL - Tunnel Composting Unit

    This activity embraces all mechanical treatment processes (mechanical sorting, waste preparation, etc.) and biological treatment (anaerobic digestion and composting). VINCI Environnement possesses extensive expertise in this field, and has developed a range of specific tools and equipment now proven in a large number of facilities. Very advanced ...

    By VINCI Environnement based in RUEIL MALMAISON cedex, FRANCE. from Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Product line

  • Bio filter

    Biofilter is an excellent option for the treatment of odours generated by the composting process. Manufactured from high grade, long lasting stainless steel the Big Hannna biofilter is a simple, trouble free option that can be sited in interior and exterior locations. To keep the function of the biofilter the enzymes have to be added every 3-6 ...

    By NOELE Creative Solutions Ltd based in Ljubljana, SLOVENIA.

  • Control Systems

    Christiaens develops, designs, produces and install controlsystems for mushroom growing and composting. Air handling, process control, water management, odor treatment, energy management; all of these items play a very important role in a successful operation of a mushroom farm or composting facility. Christiaens has all the required knowledge in ...


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