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  • The common problems of the organic fertilizer equipment

    There are many types of organic fertilizer turning fermentation equipment, and the models of the same type are also different in size. We can choose according to the production needs. In the current market, the widely used one is through fermentation, and the representative one is suitable for the small-yield 

  • How to make chicken manure

    I. market prospect of chicken manure organic fertilizer (1) because of the short intestines, the feed is not fully digested and utilized, and a large number of nutrients will be discharged with ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Biocontainer for Compost Mixing

    Biocontainer for Compost Mixing

    Function: Waste is inserted into the first chamber where it is aerated and mixed with the incoming fresh waste by the JORAFORM proven mixing technique. After 10-14 days the mixing arms passes the material into the second chamber to isolate it from fresh waste in order to complete the ripening process. The ripening chamber is equipped with an independent mixing system which is also used for smooth ...