Composting Biogas

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Incinerators, Farms and Bio-Security

    Incinerators can play an important role in agricultural bio security where the destruction of contaminated waste at source is a crucial part of the containment process. Standard bio security measures for farms


  • Sanitation project Nakuru County Kenya underway

    From last year onwards AAWS is involved in supporting the sanitation program at NAWASSCO, the utilities company in Nakuru, Kenya. We aim at nothing less than closing the sanitation chain for this city. Up to now human waste from about 500.000 ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Crusher for Garden Waste

    Crusher for Garden Waste

    Crusher for recycling of garden waste. The ACA crusher is highly qualified for crushing of garden waste, fresh as well as dry material. The ACA crusher crushes the garden waste to a smaller volume for future use in composting plants, biogas plants or incineration. Potential foreign bodies, such as smaller metal pieces, larger pieces of wood will not damage the crusher. The ACA crusher is quiet, a ...