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Composting Microbiology equipment for Composting

  • Midwest Bio-Systems - Model PT-120 10 - Foot Pull Compost Windrow Turner

    The Aeromaster PT-120 pull-type compost windrow turner is the ideal turner for sites producing less than 10,000 tons of finished compost per season (actual site capacity will vary with the length of the productive season). The rugged PT-120 is noted for its durability and long productive life.

    By Midwest Bio-Systems based in Tampico, ILLINOIS (USA). from Aeromaster Compost Windrow Turner Product line

  • ECOTUNNEL - Tunnel Composting Unit

    This activity embraces all mechanical treatment processes (mechanical sorting, waste preparation, etc.) and biological treatment (anaerobic digestion and composting). VINCI Environnement possesses extensive expertise in this field, and has developed a range of specific tools and equipment now proven in a large number of facilities. Very advanced ...

    By VINCI Environnement based in RUEIL MALMAISON cedex, FRANCE. from Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Product line

  • DBM - Home Composting System - 280lt

    Material : Made from 100% Recycled Material, Recyclable. Features: Bell shaped. Smooth inner walls, for an easy cleaning. Wide Open Top, for an easy material loading. Side Holes, for a better ventilation of compost. Side Sliding door, for an easy compost withdrawl. Compost manual. Use Food and Gardening Waste.

  • Columbus - Model Oxymax-C - Compost Respirometer

    Oxymax-C is a special adaptation of the Columbus Instruments Oxymax Deluxe System with features specific to compost research. The instrument incorporates specially designed air-flow and temperature controllers that provide a composting environment that is under very precise control. Oxymax-C automatically regulates air-flow as a means of ...

    By Columbus Instruments based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Respirometery Product line

  • Composting System

    The Thöni composting technology is applied in an aerobic treatment process to produce valuable quality compost from source-segregated bio- and green waste.

    By Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH based in Telfs, AUSTRIA.

  • Kompost - Model Easy 400 - Composter Kit

    Kompost Easy 400 litres is a composter kit made of recycled Polypropilene PP and recyclable. It is composed by a wide hinged cover and 4 walls that show large openings that provide a homogeneous air circulation to accelerate the composting process and to prevent smells emitting from anaerobic transfor- mation. In order to extract the compost, in ...

    By Gianazza Angelo S.p.a based in Legnano, ITALY. from Environmental Product line

  • Kwik - Model KCA 30 - Fully Automatic Bio-Mechanical Composter

    Kwik Composter Accelerator is a fully automatic Bio-Mechanical Composter. It converts organic waste added to the machine into biomass by reducing its volume by almost 70-80% of the original. Kwik Composter Accelerator 30 (KCA 30) is a batch composting system with a capacity of 30kgs/day.

    By Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd. based in Pimpri, INDIA. from Composter Accelerator Product line

  • EcoDrum - Composting Systems

    Ecodrum™ is the leading supplier of in-vessel mortality composting equipment. Since 2007, poultry, turkey, and hog producers have relied on Ecodrum™ composters to dispose of their mortality in a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner. We focus on bringing value to our clients through: Intelligent product design. Continuous ...

    By Tri-Form Poly, Inc. based in Pembina, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Vermi - Compost

    With the support of our adroit professionals, we are actively involved in offering an effective range of Vermi compost. The product offered by us can be mixed directly into the soil, or seeped in water and made into a worm tea by mixing some vermi compost in water, bubbling in oxygen with a small air pump, and steeping for a number of hours or ...

    By HK Global Enterprises based in Bengaluru, INDIA. from Fertilizer Product line

  • VALORISANTE - Microorganisms

    Association of specific microorganisms, VALORISANTE initiates and accelerates composting process. Adapted on straw manure and manure pit. Increase the organic potential of the effluent. With VALORISANTE - Enable comfort and hygiene in housing structure

    By Xurian Environnement based in BEZIERS, FRANCE. from Agriculturals Product line


    We sell Composting plants starting from 20 kg to 100 tonnes in just 24 hours of high-tech Romanian-Korean The treatment of organic waste through the machines presented by us leads to the production of a good quality compost that can be used as solid fuel because after treatment the finished product is rich in fat which gives it a high calorific ...

    By DARO ELA TRANS ROMANIA based in Chitila, ROMANIA.

  • ComposTex - Compost Membrane Cover

    ComposTex compost cover is a completely breathable, non-woven fabric (or geotextile membrane) made of 100% UV-resistant polypropylene that completely sheds rainfall from covered windrows - while remaining usable for at least 4 to 10-plus years.

    By Geochem Engineering SA based in Koropi, GREECE. from Composting Membranes Product line

  • Model ACS - N-Converter for Composting Process

    In the breakdown portion of the composting process, organic matter is broken down by microbial processes and their resulting heat. Nitrogen is converted from ammonia (NH3) to Nitrates (NO3). Inoculation with ACS N-Converter provides the specific microbes best suited to efficiently and effectively break down the organic matter then convert the ...

    By Midwest Bio-Systems based in Tampico, ILLINOIS (USA). from Inoculants Product line

  • Forklift Compost Turner Machine

    A compost pile being of sufficient size should be turned by composting equipment to accelerate microbial decomposition and organic materials maturation. Forklift Compost Turner Machine can raise the compost pile reaching a height of 2-3m, there being good air circulation in the turning process which greatly improves the composting efficiency. If ...

    By Allance Compost Turner Machinery based in Zhengzhou, AUSTRALIA. from Compost Turner Manufacturer Product line

  • Geobin - Backyard Bins

    Back to nature the easy way! Adjustable to over 3 feet in diameter, the GEOBIN Compost Bin holds 17.6 cubic feet (14.2 bushels) of kitchen, lawn and garden waste. Made of recycled black plastic, it retains heat and moisture to accelerate the decomposition process. Assembles easily and includes composting instructions.

    By Planet Natural based in Bozeman, MONTANA (USA). from Backyard Composting Bins Product line

  • Imants Sandy Loam - Model 38SX Series - Spading Machine

    Efficiency and perfection in a single machine! Tilling can now be performed quickly and easily and a high yield per hectare achieved. Imants has designed a spading machine that can compete in all areas with other kinds of tilling on sand and light to loam to loess-like soils. The 38SX spading machine makes spading achievable for everyone.

    By Imants BV based in REUSEL, NETHERLANDS. from Spader Product line

  • ETIA - Wood Vinegar Pyroligneus Acid

    Wood vinegar is often referred to pyroligneus acid or wood acid. It is a liquid substance produced in precisely controlled pyrolysis of biomass. While a variety of biomass types can be used to produce wood vinegar, such as wood, crops, agricultural residues or different materials of biological origin, the most common types of biomass used are ...

    By ETIA S.A.S. based in Compiègne cedex, FRANCE. from Pyrolysis Products Product line

  • Impact MB - Organic Compost

    IMPACT MB from DPI GLOBAL is an organic compost activator that reduces odors while increasing valuable nitrogen content. Made with phytogenic extract, IMPACT MB can help you produce nutrient-rich compost. IMPACT MB is completely water soluble, and can be added to solutions without the need for mixing or stirring. It’s compatible with all ...

    By Distributors Processing, Inc. (DPI) based in Porterville, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • DBM - Home Composting System - 310lt

    Material: Made from 100% Recyclable Material, UV Treated. Capacity : 310lt, Size (mm) : 800(diameter)*920 h.

  • Whirlston - Model FD300 - Full Hydraulic Compost Turner

    Composting is an important aspect of waste management throughout the world. Whirlston Organic Fertilizer Machinery provides Full Hydraulic Compost Turner - Composting Machine for wastes composting and fermentation.

    By Whirlston Organic Fertilizer Machinery based in Znengzhou, CHINA.

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