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  • How to improve the effect of compost

    How to improve the effect of compost

    Although compost has the advantages of rich nutrient content and loose soil, it also has the disadvantages of low effective content and slow fertilizer effect. How to improve the compost efficiency? It has been proved that proper mixing of fertilizer in compost can not only effectively prevent the volatilization of fertilizer effect, but also make the fertilizer effect multiply. Compost is ...


  • Water Hyacinth removal project

    Water Hyacinth removal project

    Cattail Marsh is a 900 acre wildlife area located in Beaumont, Texas.  This marsh is located adjacent to Tyrrell Park and serves as a component of the waste water filtration system for the city.  The marsh features a 520 foot boardwalk ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS)

    Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS)

    The BHS Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS) is the ideal solution for composting operations. This field-proven technology removes film plastic from screened compost through extremely efficient density separation, producing clean organic streams with minimal product loss. The DAS produces a mid-size fraction of clean organics (wood/compost) and can achieve 99.9% compost purity. Its compact skid-mounted ...