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  • Bulk Bagging for Mulch and Top Soil

    Bulk Bagging for Mulch and Top Soil

    BULK BAGGING FOR MULCH AND TOP SOIL – RMGROUPS INSTALLATION ENGINEERS ARE IN FINLAND WITH OUR CUSTOMER WHO SUPPLY TOP SOIL, MULCH AND SMALL AGGREGATES.With 40 years experience in the industry, our customer specialises in earth and environmental materials, soils, mulch and aggregates. The system that will work best for them is the 


Equipment & Solutions

  • Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS)

    Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS)

    The BHS Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS) is the ideal solution for composting operations. This field-proven technology removes film plastic from screened compost through extremely efficient density separation, producing clean organic streams with minimal product loss. The DAS produces a mid-size fraction of clean organics (wood/compost) and can achieve 99.9% compost purity. Its compact skid-mounted ...