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  • Hydraulic Central Axle Trailer Screen
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    Hydraulic Central Axle Trailer Screen

    By Komptech Americas LLC

    For higher throughput needs, the Primus is the next step up. Designed as a tandem central axle trailer, the Primus not only has 172 ft2 / 16 m² of effective screening area, it also offers a screen length able to ...

  • Industrial Plants and Special Applications
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    Industrial Plants and Special Applications

    By Kollvik Recycling S.L.

    Kollvik Recycling S.L. develops composting plants: Onsite” or nearby. Plants adapted to animals waste. regulations (SANDACH). Specific waste composting plants: sludge, agricultural residues, etc. Automated plants ...

  • Garden Amendments
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    Garden Amendments

    By Portland Nursery

    Portland Nursery has a garden amendment for every occasion; whether it’s for planting that new rhododendron, getting a new garden bed ready for vegetables, or mulching around your roses, there are many that are ...

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  • Odor Management At Composting Facilities

    A new manual from BioCycle shows operators, managers and owners how to control odors at composting sites. Case studies in effective odor management; ...

  • Compost Facility Operator Manual

    Newly released Compost Facility Operator Manual is a comprehensive and easy to use reference guide and training course text. From the core elements ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • O2Compost - Price-Moon Enterprises

    O2Compost is the Training Program Division of Price-Moon Enterprises, Inc. (PME). PME was founded in the spring of 1996 as an environmental ...

  • Agresource, Inc.

    Agresource, Inc.

    Agresource provides services in all areas of Beneficial Utilization with particular emphasis on: Land Application with the utilization of organic ...

  • Airlift Separator / Hawker Corporation

    Airlift Separator / Hawker Corporation

    Hawker Corporation is owned by Susan and Oren Posner of Eugene Oregon. The Airlift Separator was initially developed to meet the needs of their ...