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  • Florida Dairy Succeeds With AD System

    Florida Dairy Succeeds With AD System

    North Florida dairy with 6,100 mature cows and 5,500 replacements installed anaerobic digestion system that is yielding multiple benefits.Dairy farming in Florida has financial and logistical challenges, including hot, humid summers; high electrical costs; access to fresh water; odor; greenhouse emissions and sandy soil issues. Alliance Dairies in Trenton, Florida has found sustainable wa

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  • Pull Type Compost Windrow Turner

    Pull Type Compost Windrow Turner

    The Aeromaster PT-170 pull-type compost windrow turner is our newest and largest volume turner for sites producing more than 20,000 tons of finished compost per season (actual site capacity will vary with the length of the production season). Built to be rugged and durable, the PT-170 is loaded with features designed to increase the output and quality of your compost.