Drum Composting

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  • Trommel / Drum Screem for Topsoil, Compost and Wood Chips
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    Trommel / Drum Screem for Topsoil, Compost and Wood Chips

    By Argus Industrial Co. LLC..

    If your operation screens lighter, wetter materials – mulch, topsoil and compost – a trommel screener is the way to go.The constant tumbling action stirs up material over and over, fluffing it, adding air to ...

  • Wood Chipper-Drum Type
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    Wood Chipper-Drum Type

    By Zhengzhou Azeus Machinery Co,.Ltd

    Drum type wood chipper can not only process round logs but also agricultural stalks. High efficient working performance, more suitable for industrial use. For more details, please contact info@azeuspelletmill.com

  • Bedding Composters
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    Bedding Composters

    By EYS Metal Ltd.

    Dairy farmers know very well the benefits of deep bedding with an ergonomic bedding material. The cows live healtier and give more milk when they are on deep bedding. Our Bedding ComposterTM is a state-of-the-art ...

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  • ANDAR Holdings Ltd

    ANDAR Holdings Ltd

    Manufactures the ROTOCOM rotating drum in-vessel composting system, together with ancillary equipment to provide a total process solution, with ...