high temperature composting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • How to deal with the fermentation of organic fertilizer production process

    The main task of the organic fertilizer production process is to remove the mud, metal, battery and other non fermented foreign matters in the plant residues, crush the plant residues, and adjust the water content and C / N value. The reasons for removing non fermentative foreign bodies are as follows: reducing the volume of fermentation ...


  • Meet Marckindy, SOIL’s Composting Supervisor

    Meet Marckindy, SOIL’s Composting Supervisor

    A couple of months ago we sat down with Marckindy Etienne, SOIL’s Composting Supervisor, to talk about his work, his connection to SOIL, and his thoughts on the role sanitation and compost can play in Haiti’s future. Marckindy has been a ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • for Composting Poultry Bedding

    for Composting Poultry Bedding

    MICROBE-LIFT®/BPCC is designed specifically as a compost inoculum to speed the compost process. MICROBE-LIFT®/BPCC reduces the compost cycle by rapidly increasing temperature, reaching thermophilic temperatures of of 155º – 160º F within a shorter time frame.