high temperature composting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Composting on the New York Highline

    Friends of the High Line will be taking their composting program to a new level using cutting-edge technology to compost in only 14 days. The Rocket composter technology allows for a continuous process of feeding it daily while constantly aerating the mass inside the vessel, producing high enough temperatures to kill pathogens. Friends of the High Line ...

  • Organic Fertilizer Production Process

    Organic fertilizer Production Process   Mixing original and auxiliary materials   Mixing livestock manure,biogas residue or crop stalks and inoculum,contr


  • Whitmuir Community Farm choose Big Hanna

    Whitmuir is a working organic farm located in West Linton just south of Edinburgh in Scotland. It is owned and run by Pete Ritchie and Heather Andersson with the ambition to create an organic community farm in cooperation ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Insulated Compost Tumbler

    Insulated Compost Tumbler

    Material: Insulation: 2.16 inch polyethylene plastic. Panels: Galvanized and painted steel. Stand: Galvanized steel.