In-vessel Composting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • What is the process of organic fertilizer production equipment?

    The production process of organic fertilizer mainly includes the production process from raw materials in organic fertilizer production equipment to semi-finished products. In the actual production of organic fertilizer equipment, the plane stacking composting technology and trough aerobic fermentation technology are mainly used. The plane stacking ...


  • Composting community food waste in New York City

    Composting community food waste in New York City

    Here at Tidy Planet, we love shouting about the great food waste composting work we carry out not only in the UK but across the world – from the Maldives and Indonesia, to France and the USA. And we take pride in being a global-reaching ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • for Composting Poultry Bedding

    for Composting Poultry Bedding

    MICROBE-LIFT®/BPCC is designed specifically as a compost inoculum to speed the compost process. MICROBE-LIFT®/BPCC reduces the compost cycle by rapidly increasing temperature, reaching thermophilic temperatures of of 155º – 160º F within a shorter time frame.