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  • ComposT-Twin Two-Bin Compost Tumbler
    Showcase Product

    ComposT-Twin Two-Bin Compost Tumbler

    By Mantis UK Limited

    The Mantis ComposT-Twin two-bin compost tumbler ... there`s always a place for your scraps, there`s always compost for your garden. Create rich, nutrient-filled compost for your vegetable, fruit or flower garden. ...

  • Compost Tumbler
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    Compost Tumbler

    By Biofinch Ltd.

    The JK 400 Compost Tumbler turns Food Waste into Compost in 4 to 6 weeks. The Compost Tumbler comes equipped with Dual Chambers, allowing the constant production of quality mature compost. The turning mechanism of the ...

  • Insulated Compost Tumbler
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    Insulated Compost Tumbler

    By The Composting Warehouse Inc.

    Material: Insulation: 2.16 inch polyethylene plastic, Panels: Galvanized and painted steel. Stand: Galvanized steel.

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  • The Composting Warehouse Inc.

    The Composting Warehouse Inc.

    Thousands have bought the Jora Compost Tumbler all around the world. The Jora Compost tumbler is a rotating, heat generating, insulated composter for ...

  • Rotary Composters, LLC

    Rotary Composters, LLC

    The Rotoposter concept was formed when two of the founders needed to find an environmentally acceptable option for swine mortality from their ...