Tunnel Composting

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  • Composting Tunnel
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    Composting Tunnel

    By Ecomaster Atzwanger S.p.A

    One of the most advanced processes developed by Ecomaster is tunnel composting. Tunnels consist of large enclosed reactors, made of reinforced concrete, with floors equipped with integrated aeration systems.

  • Pre-Fermentation Tube
    Showcase Product

    Pre-Fermentation Tube

    By MAGUIN SAS - a Moret Industries Company

    Nowadays, the pre-fermentation tube (or composting reactor) is one of the key elements for recycling and composting installations in order to get good quality compost meeting the NFU 44 051 standard requirements. It is ...

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    Pacon Waste & Recycling Ltd

    Pacon Waste & Recycling Ltd is a waste recycling company based in Ireland and are currently looking at government contracts in other countries we ...