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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Worms & Black Castings for an Abundance of Healthy Crops

    Earthworms are more than just good fishing buddies, they naturally incorporate organic material into the soil, increasing the amount of microbes, improving the health of the soil, and increasing plant productivity. Both worms and black castings from worms provide your garden or farm with a nutrient rich and robust environment, able to with

  • Vermicompost’s Role in Farming

    One of the main goals of every organic farmer is to build long-term soil fertility and tilth by feeding the soil with a variety of natural amendments. The regular addition of compost is one of the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Water Drinker Bowl

    Water Drinker Bowl

    Flow Rate; Super Flow, 22Lpm - 5.8 US gpm. Solid Brass Valve Body; Durable Solid Brass Construction. Stainless steel spring and urethane washer inside the valve body can be replaced if needed. Stainless steel valve body option available where required for treated water.