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  • 50000 T / a cattle manure granule organic fertilizer production line

    Composition of the production line with an annual output of 50000 tons of cow manure granule organic fertilizer:Fermentation compost windrow turner - raw material bin - conveyor belt - crusher - conveyor belt - screening machine - conveyor belt - organic fertilizer granulator - c


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    Download our new brochures

    Since 1961, MENART has offered tailor-made machinery for on-farm recycling and for professionals in maintenance of our environment.  Specialized in composting technologies for over 20 years,&nb

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  • Temperature Recording System for Composting Plants

    Temperature Recording System for Composting Plants

    With more than 60 operational reference plants and 20+ years of expertise in the planning and setting up of aerobic waste treatment facilities, we know how important reliable process management is. The ideal combination of oxygen supply, water content and temperature is a must for maximum plant performance and output. Among these maintaining the correct temperature is the key parameter in the ...