Windrow Composting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Composting On The Last Frontier

    Composting was so unknown in Juneau, Alaska that when Lisa Daugherty went to get a license for her business, Juneau Composts, in 2017, the City and Borough of Juneau said they were still writing composting regulations. The city asked for the estimated monthly poundage and, after several weeks, categorized Juneau Composts as light manufacturing for the Waste Management and Remediation Services ...

  • Repurposing Composting Infrastructure

    A Vermont solid waste district utilized a defunct biosolids composting site to create capacity for processing food waste.The Vermont legislature instituted a progressive ban on organics in landfills ...


  • Kiverco unveils its Backbone in Waste Composting

    Two waste and recycling experts have joined forces to protect the environment and create resources for future generations following the installation of a Kiverco waste screening plant at EnVar’s organic waste treatment site in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ultimate Sidekick Windrow Turner

    Ultimate Sidekick Windrow Turner

    Designed as a multipurpose management tool, the Sidekick Windrow Turner will lift and turn any existing windrow to speed curing time or dry one that is wet from rain or dew. 5" x 1/4" square tubing. Field speed determines windrow width. Adjustable raking wheel.