Windrow Composting

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  • V-Rake
    Showcase Product


    By Rowse Hydraulic Rakes Company

    Our products offer years of heavy-duty, virtually maintenance-free use, and the V-Rake is no exception. It also offers hydraulically adjustable windrow widths that ensure optimum operating rates.

  • Hydraulic Auxiliary Crawler Windrow Turner
    Showcase Product

    Hydraulic Auxiliary Crawler Windrow Turner

    By Whirlston Organic Fertilizer Machinery

    Whirlston Compost Windrow Turner - Hydraulic Auxiliary Crawler Windrow Turner XGFD-2300 offers large capacity, high productivity, heavy-duty construction and advanced technology for waste management and recycling.

  • Windrow Compost Turner
    Showcase Product

    Windrow Compost Turner

    By HCL Machine Works

    The model CT-12 windrow compost turner is a heavily built, dependable, pull- type machine. The CT-12 is a BIG machine which must be disassembled before moving over public highways. With an output capacity of 1800-2100 ...

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  • Resource Recovery Systems International, Inc. (RRSI)

    Resource Recovery Systems International, Inc. (RRSI)

    Resource Recovery Systems International, Inc. (RRSI) is a family-owned corporation involved in the manufacture, sale and lease of KW windrow ...

  • SCARAB International, LLLP

    SCARAB International, LLLP

    SCARAB`s international reputation as the true pioneer and undisputed industry leader in windrow composting technology is well deserved. Machines are ...

  • Frontier Industrial Corp.

    Frontier Industrial Corp.

    We built our first turner over two decades ago to turn the unturnable - Grass seed straw. This long, clumpy and stringy, lightweight material could ...

  • Allance Compost Turner Machinery

    I am working at Quality Compost Turner Machinery. During the past 10 years, we have cooperated successfully with many commercial composting factories ...

  • Carlson Equipment

    Carlson Equipment

    Carlson Equipment is a family owned business that has been serving customers since 1991. We represent a combination of traditional western ...