Windrow Composting

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  • Self-propelled Compost Windrow Turner
    Showcase Product

    Self-propelled Compost Windrow Turner

    By Midwest Bio-Systems

    For large volume composting facilities handling up to 2,670 cubic yards per hour, Midwest Bio-Systems offers the Model SP-170 Self-propelled compost windrow turner. The SP-170 features a 14-foot drum and can be ...

  • Auger Headers
    Showcase Product

    Auger Headers

    By MacDon Industries Ltd.

    The machine that’s redefined auger windrowing capacity, reliability, conditioning and windrow formation: these are the hallmarks of a great auger windrow. They are also exactly what you get with MacDon’s A ...

  • Windrow Compost Turner
    Showcase Product

    Windrow Compost Turner

    By HCL Machine Works

    The model CT-10 windrow compost turner is a rugged and dependable pull-type machine. The CT-10 can easily be towed on public highways by folding in the outer wing and removing the outer gage wheel. The CT-10 can also be ...

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    Turn and Screen

    For many years Turn and has focused on top quality equipment for the recycling and waste industries. Our expertise is in the following ...

  • Jeantil


    The JEANTIL Company is a family firm which, since the beginning of the 20th century, has been at the service of farmers. Whilst specialising in the ...

  • J Willibald GmbH

    J Willibald GmbH

    J Willibald GmbH is a medium-sized company, headquartered in Wald Sentenhart (near the Lake of Constance). Founded in 1965 by Josef Willibald, the ...