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  • Irrigation of Agricultural Crops, Second Edition

    Irrigation of Agricultural Crops, Second Edition

    Irrigation is one of the most important human activities sustaining civilization. On average, irrigated crop yields are double those from unirrigated ...

  • Transgenic Crops III

    Transgenic Crops III

    There has been tremendous progress in the genetic transformation of agricultural crops, and plants resistant to insects, herbicides,and diseases have ...

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  • Bures Profesional, S.A.

    Bures Profesional, S.A.

    BURES is a solid group of companies which came into being from a business tradition of several generations in the agricultural and the ornamental ...

  • Advanced Biofuel Center

    Advanced Biofuel Center

    The Advanced Biofuel Center (CJP) is a bioenergy crop research and development company that is meeting global demand for sustainable plant oil by ...