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  • Making Better Herbicide Decisions with Weed Density Mapping

    Making Better Herbicide Decisions with Weed Density Mapping

    Proper weed control early during the growing season is essential for reducing nutrient competition, gaining optimal crop health, and preventing yield loss. Weed management in corn and soybeans can be an extremely difficult problem to tackle and, if left unmanaged, can cause nearly a 52% corn yield loss and 49% yield loss in soybeans according to research conducted by the 


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydraulic Weeder

    Hydraulic Weeder

    Mechanical hydraulic hoe side weeder is designed for mechanical weed control in fruit farms & orchards with crops growing in rows, at a spacing to allow the tractor to pass on a cultivated lane.  This reduces the cost of weed control, maintenance and facilitates keeping these crops. The hydraulic weeder machine is perfect for organic fruit & vegetable farming can significantly reduce ...

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  • IPM ESSEN 2020

    IPM ESSEN 2020

    The world`s leading horticultural trade fair revolves around solutions and innovations in the green sector. The International Plant Fair has been held annually at Messe Essen since 1983. Here exhibitors increasingly present products that are sustainable and suitable for climate change. These include heat- and cold-tolerant plant and shrub varieties, environmentally friendly and resource-saving ...

National Farm Machinery Show 2020

Feb. 11rd - 14th | Louisville

Business Breakfast: Sustainable Palm Oil

Mar. 2rd - 2th | Bristol

Saving Our Soil: Farming For Good

May 20rd - 20th | Bristol