Agriculture Harvesting

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  • Agricultural Knives:  Thermal Spray Case Study III

    Agricultural Knives: Thermal Spray Case Study III

    Since implementing our Thermal Spray Hard-face process, Kondex has been involved in numerous field test projects with its customers. The purpose of these tests is two-fold:•Set benchmarks for comparing Kondex technology to existing material/coating technology•Evaluate new material/coating technologies as a means of improving wear resistance and or improving the cost of agricultural kniv


Equipment & Solutions

  • Grain Combine Harvester

    Grain Combine Harvester

    The longitudinal axial-flow closed roller is more applicable to crops with big-sized grain, the multiple disengaging pawls can be selected to use depending on the change of crops, the helical blade induces and feeds in materials more smoothly, and its deed load is large, seldom blocking;