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  • Agricultural Soil Reclamation Stone Crushers
    Showcase Product

    Agricultural Soil Reclamation Stone Crushers

    By FAE GROUP S.p.A.

    STCL Stone crushers with a max working depth of 15 cm for tractors between 80 and 150 HP. The STCL is the entry level model in the rock crusher line. Its small dimensions and lower weight make it highly versatile. It is ...

  • Soil Processing Machines
    Showcase Product

    Soil Processing Machines

    By A.D.R. S.p.A.

    Agriculture is often faced with having to tackle “samurai” terrains that are ready to use everything – stones, limestone, rocks and mud - to defend themselves against even the most advanced movement ...

  • Vibrating Pick-Up Stone Picker
    Showcase Product

    Vibrating Pick-Up Stone Picker

    By Tomenzoli F.lli

    The machine is equipped with a vibrating pick-up permitting to collect stones, the diameter of which can vary from 20 to 600 mm, with no reduction at all in the wear down of the stone collecting components. Stones can ...

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