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Apiculture and Honey Farming equipment for Crop Cultivation

  • Nitro - Model 6000 - Swather Adaptors

    Turn your sprayer into a swather? That's right. Leverage the Miller Nitro 6000 series Quick-Attach feature to enjoy the benefits of the most productive sprayer one day, and a grain swather the next. Simply remove the Miller spray boom and attach the Miller Swather Adaptor. In minutes, you are ready to start swathing your small grains or canola. ...

    By Miller - CNH Industrial America LLC based in St. Nazianz, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Apitoxin - Bee Venom Solution Apitherapy Kit

    Apitherapy, Lyme disease treatment, arthritis treatment, rheumatic treatment, chronic inflammatory diseases, bee venom desensitization, etc.

    By APITOXIN based in Umeå, SWEDEN. from Web Shop Product line

  • Apitoxin - Bee Venom Collector/Extractor

    The bee venom collector device has series of built-in protections and indications, making it easy to use and safe for bees. To protect bees, in a humid weather the device automatically reduces the current or even shuts itself down, to prevent unwanted damage to the bees from the bee venom collector. During the active season, one bee family ...

    By APITOXIN based in Umeå, SWEDEN. from Web Shop Product line

  • Healthy Bees - Model BeesVita Plus - Revolutionary Natural Honey Bee Food Supplement

    BeesVita Plus (BVP), our revolutionary, all-natural honey bee food supplement, is comprised of ingredients such as dextrose, spirulina algae, and essential oils that are rich in iron, antioxidants, 18+ amino acids, and much more. When used regularly, BVP™ has shown a remarkable improvement in the overall health of hives, increases brood ...

    By Healthy Bees, LLC. based in Bay Harbor Islands, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Hummerbee - Model XL - Forklift Machine

    Grow your business faster with the Hummerbee XL. With a 1600 lb lift capacity and the reliable Kubota diesel engine, the Hummerbee is the perfect aid in accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Whether you are moving beehives, unloading boxes of blueberries, or transporting bales of hay, you will do it more effeciently with the XL. A variety of ...

    By A&O Forklift based in Edmore, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Apitoxin - ​Bee Venom Powder - The Collecting Process

    The process that is used to collect the bee venom is both ecological and bee friendly. Some companies kill the bees and take their venom sack. We use a very bee friendly method when collecting the bee venom. In brief the bees are stimulated to sting a glass plate by giving them a small safe current. Then the bees return to their daily business, of ...

    By APITOXIN based in Umeå, SWEDEN.

  • Apitoxin - Bee Venom Medical Grade - 10 MG

    Bee venom powder suitable for: R&D - Research & Development, Bee venom solutions, Injections, Pharmaceutical use, Anti-allergy treatment, Apitherapy, Herbal tinctures

    By APITOXIN based in Umeå, SWEDEN. from Web Shop Product line

  • Apitoxin - ​​Bee Venom Analysis

    We use a third party independent laboratory for the lab reports of our high quality bee venom powder. Below pictures of the High Performance Liquid Chromatographic system. The samples are diluted, and filtrated before the HPLC analysis, where melittin content and other components are measured. Other characteristics and quality aspects of the bee ...

    By APITOXIN based in Umeå, SWEDEN.

  • Agropal - Model R2 - Palletizer

    Agropal means palletizing safety and precision, from the first belt that collects the bag to the completely built pallet this model is different as it is specifically designed for products with great stacking difficulties. That is why it is necessary to discharge the product vertically over the pre-layer zone and load assembly inside a mould with ...

    By Industrias Tecnológicas Del Pla Sl based in Bellvís · LLEIDA, SPAIN. from Palletizers Product line

  • Apitoxin - Bee Venom Powder For Cosmetics

    We use a third party independent laboratory for the lab reports of our high quality bee venom powder. 1 gram is enough for 50-100 ml of cosmetic cream, (1.7-3.4 oz), at a concentration of 1.0-2.0%. For maximum effect up to 5% can be used. If the content is more than 10%, the composition will be cytotoxic.

    By APITOXIN based in Umeå, SWEDEN. from Web Shop Product line

  • Bumper - Systemic Foliar Fungicide

    BUMPER is a systemic foliar fungicide of the triazole group, with protective and curative action. BUMPER has broad spectrum activity against a wide range of fungal diseases of wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice, maize, grass, turf, banana, coffee, pecan, sugarcane, beets, stone fruits, peanuts and ornamentals. BUMPER is of low mammalian toxicity and ...

    By ADAMA India Private Limited based in Hyderabad, INDIA.

  • Kurtbomsan - Model KBS M1 - Mechanic Bird Scare Cannon

    Kurtbomsan Mechanical Bird Scarer is powered by readily available, economical propane gas. It produces an average amount of 120 decibel blast without giving any harm to the nature and all living creatures, and protects large agricultural areas / farmlands against undesirable birds and wild animals.

    By Kurtbomsan Tarim Makinalari Ltd. based in Akşehir, TURKEY. from Bird Scare Cannon Product line

  • Abelia Raspberry Profusion (Abelia)

    A profusion of fragrant, small bell-like pink flowers with raspberry sepals from spring through fall. After the flowers drop, bright sepals remain for fall-winter eye catching color. Compact, heat and frost tolerant and a magnet for hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

    By Blooming Nursery based in Cornelius, OREGON (USA).

  • Apitoxin - ​Bee Venom Powder - Filtering

    The bee venom is now inspected and filtered to remove unwanted particles if any. We are using this sieve machine below to filter the bee venom. The bee venom passes trough fine mesh filters and are then weighted and packaged.

    By APITOXIN based in Umeå, SWEDEN.

  • ​Storage of the Bee Venom

    The bee venom is placed in our freezer at a temperature of -20°C. It can be stored that way at least 5 years, keeping it's healing effects offered. Conditions for safe storage of bee venom: Storage & Transportation: Maximum 25 - 30° C for 3 weeks. Medium term storage: 4º C for 3 months. Long term storage: -20° C. Keep ...

    By APITOXIN based in Umeå, SWEDEN.

  • Kurtbomsan - Model M1 - Mechanical Bird and Wild Animal Gas Cannon

    APPLICATION FIELD AGAINST:- birds and pigs in fruit and vegetable farms and plantations of tall products such as sunflowers or corn- birds posing a threat during the landing and taking off of the airplanes in airports- birds in breeding farms of poultry, fish, etc.also in food factories and depots- bears harming beehivesGENERAL ...

    By Kurtbomsan Ltd. based in TURKEY. from Wild Animal and Bird Scaring Gas Cannons Product line

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