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  • Thresher Machine
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    Thresher Machine

    By Ayyildiz

    This machine can be used through belt and pulley or through a shaft and P.T.O ( Power take –off). Working potantial for barley, wheat, oat, etc, is 96%. With some minor changes it can thresh chick-pea bean and ...

  • Twin Drum Cleaner
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    Twin Drum Cleaner


    The SKIOLD twin drum cleaner is designed for efficient cleaning separating both under- and oversized impurities from many different sorts of raw materials for animal feed e.g. wheat, barley, maize, peas, etc.

  • Paddy/Wheat Thresher
    Showcase Product

    Paddy/Wheat Thresher

    By Amisy Farming Machinery

    After years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery, Amisy has developed lots of excellent agricultural products that enjoy great popularity. Rice/Wheat thresher is one of our products with mature ...

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