Bean farming

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Success story Fevita, Hungary – Case Study

    Fevita Hungary Zrt is the country’s largest frozen food producer and a leading global exporter, with 200 employees processing more than 32,000 tons of vegetables every year.Established in 1967, the company boasts a 22 percent market share domestically and has built a network of customers across 20 markets including Germany, Israel and Japan. Fevita’s high-profile customers include i


  • Valor brings flexibility to summer weed control

    New pre-emergent residual registrations for Valor herbicide in fallows and prior to planting summer crops greatly broadens crop rotation flexibility and boosts efforts in combating herbicide resistance.New registrations for Valor herbicide now ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Elite Hybrid Highest Yielding Castor Bean Improved Seeds

    Elite Hybrid Highest Yielding Castor Bean Improved Seeds

    The years of continuous research, experiments and in cultivating and breeding of Castor Bean and other biofuel crops, CJP was able to develop a systematic breeding and cultivar development strategy. Newly bred cultivars are extensively tested in multi-location trials and true to type seeds are being produced with high quality standard CBMAX9™ Elite HYV Castor Improved SeedsThrough its CBMAX9™ ...