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  • Herbicide Boom Mounted Sprayer
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    Herbicide Boom Mounted Sprayer

    By Pulverizadores Fede SL

    Tank  for wash water. Lid-filter. Tank circuit cleaner. Air intake filter, vat inlet filter and 1 filter for each section. Hydraulic agitator. Reinforced chassis with heat-strengthened painting.

  • Mounted Crop Field Sprayers
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    Mounted Crop Field Sprayers

    By Johnston Farm Equipment Ltd.

    PERKOZ 400, 600, 800 and 1000 is a series of mounted sprayers, intended mainly for small and medium-sized farms. The highest quality components from Italy and the USA were used to build these sprayers, thus the sprayer ...

  • Multi Directional Spray Nozzles
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    Multi Directional Spray Nozzles

    By 360 Yield Center

    Up to four multi directional spray nozzles on each unit for customized spray patterns and 150-degree horizontal spray application. When plants aren’t healthy, nitrogen utilization can be limited and yields can ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Precision Industries Guelph Ltd.

    Precision Industries Guelph Ltd.

    Precision Industries was originally started over twenty years ago to manufacture agricultural sprayers in the Province of Ontario, Canada. The ...

  • Broyhill, Inc.

    Broyhill, Inc.

    Broyhill Inc. has been producing innovative, sports turf and golf turf care equipment, refuse vehicles, specialty equipment, ag trailer sprayers, ...

  • Northern Equipment Solutions

    Northern Equipment Solutions

    Northern Equipment Solutions is Ontario`s Source For Standen Pearson, Double L, Bau-man Potato Field and Handling Equipment, Monosem Vegetable and ...

  • Caffini Sprayers Equipment

    Caffini Sprayers Equipment

    The Caffini company was founded in 1924 in Palù, in the region of Verona, by Giovanni Battista Caffini. We are in the Po valley, in an area devoted ...

  • A.M.A.S. snc

    A.M.A.S. snc

    A good idea opens up great prospects, allows surprising solutions to problems in very different areas. A.M.A.S. is working on these ideas since 1970, ...