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  • Horse Feed Pellets Analysis

    Horse Feed Pellets Analysis

    In order to make horse live a long, healthy life, and perform best, two most significant nutritional factors to horses are water and forage. Some horses can maintain healthy weight on forage without additional grain or feed, while for some horses especially those in rigorous training programs would need more than that.   Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional ...


  • Effective Calcium Application

    Effective Calcium Application

    Calcium is a key component in many crop nutrition programmes. Providing sufficient levels of calcium strengthens and stabilises cell walls, helping crops build natural resistance to pests and common disorders such as Internal Rust Spot in potatoes, ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Transplanter


    Transplanter PATRYK- 2 is a modern high-quality machine designed for planting vegetables, strawberries, tabaco and flowers from multiplates. Solid construction guarantees perfect planting quality even in dificult soil conditions.