Cereal Seeds

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  • Slot-Seeder
    Showcase Product


    By SimTech Aitchison

    The simplest and most versatile drill on the market at an affordable price. Based on the renowned New Zealand pasture slot-seeder, here is a European drill built with the varied demands of the modern farmer in mind. You ...

  • Mechanical Seed Drills
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    Mechanical Seed Drills

    By Maschio Gaspardo S.P.A.

    MECHANICAL SEED DRILL, TRANSPORT WIDTH m 2.50 / m 3.00 / 4.00 m (cereal- colza) . The model NINA features seed distribution by gravity. It is simple to use, reliable, sturdily built and requires very little ...

  • Combined Cereal Seed Drill
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    Combined Cereal Seed Drill

    By Agripul Agricultural Machinery Co

    Combined seed drill is a sowing machine that transfers the seed, pulses, feed grains and fertilizer to the seed bed opened by the discs continuously,thanks to the helical sheaves, with the requested quantity and depth ...

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    Genetics and Genomics of the Triticeae

    Sequencing of the model plant genomes such as those of A. thaliana and rice has revolutionized our understanding of plant biology but it has yet to ...

  • Cryopreservation of Plant Germplasm I

    Whole plants have been regenerated from isolated protoplasts, cells, tissues, and organs freeze-preserved in liquid nitrogen. Thus cryopreservation ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Gruppo Manara

    Gruppo Manara

    Since always, Manara Group has highly regarded the needs and requests of its customers. First of all, it has enhanced research in order to innovate ...

  • C & M Seedsddccxdxsdfs

    C & M Seedsddccxdxsdfs

    C & M Seeds is committed to advancing the future of agriculture and the rural economy in Ontario. With new advanced genetics and a strong push on ...

  • Mansoon Seeds Private Limited

    Mansoon Seeds Private Limited

    Mansoon Seeds initially started as a trading company engaged in seeds of vegetables and cereals in the year 1998 and became as Mansoon Seeds Pvt. ...

  • Schulte Industries Ltd. - a member of the Alamo Group

    Schulte Industries Ltd. - a member of the Alamo Group

    Schulte Industries` origins started on April 17th, 1912, when Caspar Schulte acquired the (smithy) blacksmith business in Englefeld, Saskatchewan. ...

  • Wynnstay Group Plc

    Wynnstay Group Plc

    We have two main divisions - Agriculture Supply and Specialist Retail. Our Agriculture division supplies products to both livestock and arable farms. ...