Articles & Whitepapers

  • The biofertilizer production method and process

    Bio-organic fertilizer has high organic matter content, can improve soil, improve soil physical and chemical properties, enhance soil water retention, fertilizer conservation and fertilizer supply, and alleviate soil compaction caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers; beneficial microorganisms in bio-organic fertilizer enter soil and soil Microorganisms form a symbiotic relationship with ...

  • Tilapia Feed Formulation and Feeding Technique

    Different Tilapia feed formulation are offered for Tilapia fish in different growth periods and feeding techniques skills are also of importance for fish farming.There are fish feed raw materials: ...


  • Automatic and Manual Rice Husker

    Right after the ache staking work of planting, harvesting and drying the rice seed the subsequent destination will be the mill. Farmers in the rural regions of Nigeria who do not have sufficient to spend on intricate milling machine like ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Multicrop Thresher

    Multicrop Thresher

    ”VIDHATA” Multi-crop Threshers are capable of running compatible with tractor from 2 HP to 40 HP. These threshers are suitable for threshing crops like wheat, maize, sorghum, grains, sunflower, ragi, millets, mustard & pulses etc. ”VIDHATA” Multi-crop Threshers consists of crop feeding chute, threshing cylinder having stud type beaters/ blades blowers, set of sieves, ...