Corn Harvesting

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  • Combat insect and crop disease after harvest

    Combat insect and crop disease after harvest

    Maize harvest is particularly early this season. It also means early preparation to remove stalk stubble so insects like corn borers and leafrollers have no chance to leave everlasting damage to future crops.The Major Cyclone mower is designed for this purpose: to destroy the tough crop stubble. Con


  • Watch Top tips for a successful maize harvest

    Many maize harvesters are taking to the fields early this year. Our latest video provides you with top tips for a successful maize harvest, to help you improve your maize quality and reduce waste.Watch the video here.What will you learn?How to ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Forage Harvest Machine

    Forage Harvest Machine

    JM 4IOOSH FORAGE HARVEST MACHINE is a light equipment suitable for mechanized harvest of corn, sorghum, elephant grass and sugar cane with an incomparable precision and economy. Its mechanism allows the cut of standing stalks for a better re-sprouting besides making a fine and accurate cutting.