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  • Covertan Crop Covers
    Showcase Product

    Covertan Crop Covers

    By Rain-Flo Irrigation, LLC.

    First Class Crop Cover! A field-tested product with excellent performance and customer satisfaction. Covertan has a full quality guarantee. This company covers approximately 10,000 acres per year! 31’, 36’, ...

  • Pull-Type Granular Applicator
    Showcase Product

    Pull-Type Granular Applicator

    By Valmar Airflo Inc.

    Whether you’re seeding or applying herbicide, a Valmar 245 Pull-Type Granular Applicator is designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy under a wide variety of ground conditions. It’s rugged construction is ...

  • Blade Mount Coulter
    Showcase Product

    Blade Mount Coulter

    By Salford Group, Inc.

    Celebrating a decade of improving soil productivity the patented I-1100 RTS uses the Coil-Tech CoulterTM to carry indepently mounted blades that have up to 6” vertical travel and are able to move around obstacles. ...

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  • Rowbot Systems

    Rowbot Systems

    Rowbot Systems develops and provides a robotic machine that allows farmers to practice in-season nitrogen management. Rowbot is a self-driving, ...

  • Cover Crop Solutions LLC

    Cover Crop Solutions LLC

    La Crosse Seed Acquires All of the Cover Crop Solutions Seed Brands. LA CROSSE, WI (June 9, 2016) - La Crosse Seed announces that it is the new and ...

  • Bullock Tillage

    Bullock Tillage

    Jim Bullock is well known in the farming industry for much of his work and research into direct drilling techniques, soil quality issues and ...