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  • The Autonomic is used to deter birds from one of the most popular wine grapes - Case Study

    Location: Nova Scotia, Canada Application context: Vineyard (Food production) Problem definition: Crop loss due to grape-eating birds Pest bird species: Starlings and robins Time of the year of bird presence: From September until the end of October 2016 Time of the day with bird problems: From sunrise to sunset Number of systems: 1 x Autonomic Laser projection area: 14.8 acre (6

  • Drought and flooding rains

    Walter Jehne, former CSIRO Climate Scientist and Microbiologist, founder of Healthy Soils Australia, has written a 3-part document on drought in Australia and in it he demonstrates many scientific ...


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  • Salinity Tolerance

    Salinity Tolerance

    Worldwide, more than 77 million hectares of agricultural land have been impacted by salinity. Economic losses from salinity, either due to lack of production or low yields, are estimated to be in excess of $20 billion per year and growing.