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  • Solid Iron Chelates
    Showcase Product

    Solid Iron Chelates

    By Biovert S.A.

    A solid iron EDDHSA chelate at 6% w/w, which comes in the form of completely soluble microgranules to be applied, normally, by means of fertirrigation, specially formulated to correct ferric chlorosis. Due to its high ...

  • Sticky Trap Yellow 400x225
    Showcase Product

    Sticky Trap Yellow 400x225

    By Greenvass

    GREENVASS adhesive traps are made with top-quality materials. Their non-sticky glue enables quick and easy positioning and their characteristic colour in yellow, blue or sky blue results in an extraordinary number of ...

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  • Bio Instruments S.R.L.

    Bio Instruments S.R.L.

    The company’s core of experts has more than 25 years experience in the field of development and application of plant-related instrumentation. The Bio ...

  • Dalsem


    Dalsem is specialised in supplying complete, high-tech greenhouse projects. We relieve the burden on our customers by taking care of every aspect ...

  • Bioenergy Group LT

    Bioenergy Group LT

    Bioenergy Group was founded in year 2003. It consists of companies that consult farmers, produce and import bio fertilizers for soil ant plants. We ...

  • Can Grow Crop Solutions Inc.

    Can Grow Crop Solutions Inc.

    Can Grow Crop Solutions Inc., a modern fluid fertilizer facility, is one of the most visible and most progressive independently owned fertilizer ...