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  • Compact Grassharrow
    Showcase Product

    Compact Grassharrow

    By Quantock Farm Machinery

    This machine is ideal for removing dead grass and moss, improving aeration and encouraging crop growth. It is a lighter duty harrow with no wheels. The weight of the machine is 170 kg.

  • Ring Roller
    Showcase Product

    Ring Roller

    By Cross Agricultural Engineering Ltd.

    The Cross HD Ring Roller has been designed to ensure efficient compaction of the soil, so as to create the ideal conditions for crop growth. All rollers have steel rings and are fitted with hardened EN24T shafts for ...

  • Antenna Extension
    Showcase Product

    Antenna Extension

    By CropX Ltd.

    There is a potential for the sensor cellular signal to be affected by crop growth. Plants are about 80% water and cellular signals do not transmit well through water. As a result, as the crop grows the cellular ...

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  • Dalsem


    Dalsem is specialised in supplying complete, high-tech greenhouse projects. We relieve the burden on our customers by taking care of every aspect ...

  • Bio Instruments S.R.L.

    Bio Instruments S.R.L.

    The company’s core of experts has more than 25 years experience in the field of development and application of plant-related instrumentation. The Bio ...

  • Can Grow Crop Solutions Inc.

    Can Grow Crop Solutions Inc.

    Can Grow Crop Solutions Inc., a modern fluid fertilizer facility, is one of the most visible and most progressive independently owned fertilizer ...