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  • Using crop straw to process bio organic fertilizer

    Crop straw is a by-product of crop harvest, which contains a lot of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, etc. it is one of the important organic resources in agricultural production. The process of straw fermentation and decomposition is a process dominated by microbial activities. In order to make high-quality organic fertilizer by using

  • Reduced soil tilling helps both soils and yields

    Agriculture degrades over 24 million acres of fertile soil every year, raising concerns about meeting the rising global demand for food. But a simple farming practice born from the 1930`s Dust Bowl ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Automatic Harvester

    Automatic Harvester

    MAJA AUTOMATIC- LK is the newest model of  MAJA harvester. It is equipped with automatic folding and unfolding arched screen. This solution allows to reduce number of operating personell and the same reduce costs of production.  Shaking and cleaning machine MAJA AUTOMATIC guarantees almost 100% harvesting efficiency and very hight quality of fruits. It is possible to adapt the ...