Crop Management

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  • What kind datas Argentina we provided

    Argentina is one of the main crop producing and exporting nations in the world. In fact, agriculture makes up 54% of Argentina's exports. Their main agricultural export is wheat, they are the world's 5th largest wheat exporter in the world. Argentina's other main agricultural exports include soybeans, maize, barley, rice, flax seed, sugarcane, cotton, citrus fruits, and grapes. Industrial goods ...


  • SMS Field Trials at Work

    As the growing season winds down, we are starting to look forward to harvest at our farm. Through the year we have been watching the fields turn from last year’s bean stubble, to a green hue, to leaves in the wind, to tassels, and now grain ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Canopy Analysis System

    Canopy Analysis System

    The SunScan Canopy Analysis System uses field measurements of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in crop canopies to provide valuable information about Leaf Area Index (LAI) and biomass production. The SunScan canopy analyser is optimised for low regular canopies such as most agricultural crops. The 1m probe enables rapid spatial averaging of large areas and PAR mapping for non-uniform ...