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  • Chemical & Food Grade High Gloss Epoxy Coating
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    Chemical & Food Grade High Gloss Epoxy Coating

    By Sauereisen Inc.

    ConoGlaze - Chemical and Food Grade No. 202 is a chemically-resistant, 100% solids, epoxy coating system. It is used as a topcoat for Sauereisen ConoCrete or FibreCrete systems or as a coating to protect concrete and ...

  • Sulfur Based Mortars
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    Sulfur Based Mortars

    By Sauereisen Inc.

    Sauereisen Nos. 600 and 610 Sulfur Based Mortars are used in the construction of floors, trenches, sumps and tanks in steel mills, mines, metal finishing and chemical processing plants. They are also used as a capping ...

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