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  • American blueberry farmer increases revenue by 33% with lasers - Case Study

    Location: Jefferson, Oregon, USAApplication context: Blueberry farm (Vineyard & Orchard)Problem definition: Crop loss due to bird damage in the blueberry farmPest bird species: Starlings (Sturnidae), Blackbirds (Turdidae), Robins (Turdidae), Swallows (Hirundinidae)Time during the year of bird presence: June – OctoberTime during the day of bird


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  • Camelina Cultivation Technology

    Camelina Cultivation Technology

    Camelina presents a uniqueopportunity for providing areliable, inexpensive feedstockfor biodiesel production.It is a plant well suitedfor the more arid regions ofthe world and requires lowinputs (water, fertilizer, pesticide),both attributes whichenable it to be a low-cost,high margin alternative crop.It can be planted behindwheat and on marginal land;it does not compete withother crops and will ...