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  • Elite Hybrid Highest Yielding Castor Bean Improved Seeds
    Showcase Product

    Elite Hybrid Highest Yielding Castor Bean Improved Seeds

    By Advanced Biofuel Center

    The years of continuous research, experiments and in cultivating and breeding of Castor Bean and other biofuel crops, CJP was able to develop a systematic breeding and cultivar development strategy. Newly bred cultivars ...

  • Electric Exchanger
    Showcase Product

    Electric Exchanger

    By Actini Group

    Developed in collaboration with INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural research) from Villeneuve d’Ascq and EDF (French Electricity Company), the primary goal of Flash sterilization / pasteurization is ...

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  • Agricultural Research Council (ARC)

    Agricultural Research Council (ARC)

    The ARC was established in 1990 through the Agricultural Research Act 86 of 1990 (as amended by Act 27 of 2001) and is the principal agricultural ...

  • The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)

    The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)

    We need a revolution in agricultural research for development, to mobilize, reorient, strengthen and bring coherence to systems generating and ...

  • SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH

    SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH

    Our current range of products includes a wide variety of specialised agrochemical and industrial chemical products, making us Germany’s largest urea ...

  • Elad Etgar Ltd.

    Elad Etgar Ltd.

    Elad Etgar - Designing Better Crops - develops and supplies unique harvesting solutions especially designed to meet the requirements of each crop and ...

  • The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) - USDA

    The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is the U.S. Department of Agriculture`s chief scientific research agency. Our job is finding solutions to ...