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  • Brown Soil Moisture Sampling Probe
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    Brown Soil Moisture Sampling Probe

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)

    The AMS Brown Moisture Probe is a modified tile probe used primarily by agricultureal scientists and farmers to survey soil to depths of about 3-ft for the purpose of determining the depth of soil moisture storage ...

  • Light Drip Line for Black Color Polyethylene Hose
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    Light Drip Line for Black Color Polyethylene Hose

    By Plastic Puglia

    Brico AQUADROP is ablack color polyethylene hose with thin wall, and a blue stripe, with inside welded drippers and constant spacing.The Brico AQUADROP dripper line is suitable for drip irrigation installations and ...

  • Pipe for Irrigation
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    Pipe for Irrigation

    By Plastic Puglia

    Brico PIPE is a black color low density polyethylene pipe with indelible mark, manufactured with selected resins for endurance and high reliability. The pipe is suitable for the making of irrigation systems on small ...

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  • Panocal International Ltd.

    Panocal International Ltd.

    Panocal Roses is a rose farm situated on the slopes of one of Africas highest mountains, Mt. Elgon. The farm itself lies just outside the town of ...

  • Rivulis Eurodrip

    Rivulis Eurodrip

    Eurodrip USA, Inc. is the premier provider of dripline and drip irrigation components. Growers nationwide count on us for products to increase crop ...

  • Agrinos Inc

    Agrinos Inc

    To improve the productivity and sustainability of the twenty-first-century farmer, Agrinos is helping shape the future of modern agriculture. The ...

  • Kim Engineering Solutions

    Kim Engineering Solutions

    KIM Offer Drip Irrigation Design Service Including Precise 3D Modeling For Piping Systems. Drip irrigation is a highly effective method to provide ...

  • Irriga System SA

    Irriga System SA

    Irriga System has a strong scientific and technological base, which offers a wide range of services for irrigation management and monitoring. The ...