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  • Automatic batching machine

    Automatic batching machine

    Automatic batching machine is a kind of automatic equipment for quantitative distribution of various materials, such as fertilizer raw materials. It is mainly used in the fertilizer industry to replace the manual platform scale or volume measurement, with high measurement accuracy and high distribution efficiency. High degree of automation, is the main part of the complete set of automatic ...


  • We have Horizontal Mixing Machine On Sale

    We have Horizontal Mixing Machine On Sale

    The mixing degree is high and the residual amount is small of the horizontal mixing machine, it is suitable for mixing with organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fertilizer mixing ...

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  • Enriched Organic Fertilizer

    Enriched Organic Fertilizer

    SAMRAT is a scientifically blended organic fertilizer enriched with beneficial bio agent.The combination of nutrients,micronutrients and the bio agent, results in excellent all round growth of the plant. Studies conducted by the Gujarat Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat, have shown that Samrat has natural nematode control properties. Field experiments conducted at our R&D farm have ...