Fertilizer Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Fischer Tropsch Wax

    Fischer Tropsch WaxKH FT WAX 80Features: Narrow Molecular weight Distribution, Fine crystal structure, Linear molecular structure, Low Viscosity, White color, Low penetration Applications: Hot melt adhesives, Paints and Coatings, PVC and rubber processing, Toners & Inks, Fertilizer release controller KH FT Wax 105


  • Walki develops new biodegradable mulching paper

    Walki has developed a new fibre-based soil mulching solution that is completely biodegradable. This organic mulch type, which is used for weed control and to optimise soil conditions and crop yield, is the first of its kind on the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Complex Fertilizer

    Complex Fertilizer

    Controlled release NPK complex fertilizer with emphasis on nitrogen, partly coated. For sport fields, golf fairways, ornamental lawn and turf establishment. Suitable for spring and summer application, to promote growth and a quick green up.