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  • Semi Automatic Bagging Press for Natural Fiber
    Showcase Product

    Semi Automatic Bagging Press for Natural Fiber

    By Valvan Baling Systems NV

    This type of press is especially designed to put natural fiber (like shives of flax, hemp and other natural products) into bags. The bag has to be applied on the exit channel by hand.

  • Double Flax Pulling Machine
    Showcase Product

    Double Flax Pulling Machine

    By DEHONDT Technologies

    The double Dehondt flax pulling machine is equipped with two pulling elements of a total width of 2.40 meters. The power of its 6 cylinder, 140 HP engine guarantees perfect stability when pulling. The table profile is ...

  • 3 Tool Set
    Showcase Product

    3 Tool Set

    By Horticulture Magazine

    Handcrafted by Montana blacksmith Tuli Fisher, This set of three popular garden tools is an example of fine American Craft and the only set you will ever need! You won`t be disappointed with your garden tools again. ...

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  • DEHONDT Technologies

    DEHONDT Technologies

    DEHONDT Technologies is specialized in the design and manufacturing of machines dedicated to the transformation of fiber flax. A worldwide leader in ...