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  • Multi-residue mycotoxin analysis of dry distillers grains

    Multi-residue mycotoxin analysis of dry distillers grains

    Distillers grains (DG) are the still residues after the ethanol has been collected. Approximately 90% of US production is used in domestic animal feed. Any Mycotoxins present in the fresh corn can be concentrated by a factor of three. Contamination can also occur during storage. This raises concern about the potential animal and human health hazards from the use of Mycotoxincontaminated ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Grain Quality Separator System

    Grain Quality Separator System

    BoMill’s patented grain quality sorting technology, makes it possible to analyze and identify each kernel in a batch of grain and sort them into quality certified fractions. The speed is fully compatible with the needs of industrial grain handling – delivering a sorting capacity from 3 to, at least, 30 metric tons of grain per hour.