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  • Side Wall Semi Trailer

    Side Wall Semi Trailer

    When it comes to Side Wall Semi Trailer and Fence Semi Trailer, it is not easy to differentiate them from each other. So what is the advantage of the Side Wall Semi Trailer and Fence Semi Trailer? How do I choose an appropriate one for business? They are also modified based on Flatbed type by adding stakes or boards based on measurements and character of the cargo. They are also similar to Van on ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Self-Propelled Grain Bagger

    Self-Propelled Grain Bagger

    The grain bagger is a machine that ensures the correct filling of horizontal polyethylene silos. With this machine, the grains that are loaded from above are directed to the silobag. The inner augers in the tunnel permit a better filling of the bag. The machine movement is ensured by the grains pushing against its internal wall. The self-propelled version (IK9 AP) of this grain bagger is equipped ...