Grain Farming

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Brazil Exports 2015

    According to statistics released by the ministry of industry and foreign trade of Brazil and compiled by the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, in the first half part of Brazil exports 2015, 5.789 ...


  • SMS Field Trials at Work

    As the growing season winds down, we are starting to look forward to harvest at our farm. Through the year we have been watching the fields turn from last year’s bean stubble, to a green hue, to leaves in the wind, to tassels, and now grain ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence Module

    Chlorophyll Fluorescence Module

    The Chlorophyll Fluorescence Module measures fluorescence simultaneously with photosynthesis to provide researchers with information about changes in photosynthesis efficiency and heat dissipation from a leaf.