Grain Harvesting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Grain Cart Operation

    During the busy harvest season, the last thing you want to see is a combine sitting with a full grain tank because of mistakes made by the grain cart operator.Unfortunately, all too often, farmers encounter:Difficulty finding qualified grain cart operatorsProblems communicating with the grain cart operatorGrain cart operator not understanding which part of the field t

  • Long term lessons from liming soil - Case Study

    Long term trials have shown continuous cropping under a cereal legume rotation with district practice application of fertiliser N and retention of stubble caused a decrease in soil pH of up to 1.6 ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Combine Harvester

    Combine Harvester

    The S550 S-Series Combine Harvester provide customers unprecedented performance and capacity in all crops and conditions. The unique single-tine separator system provides superior crop handling performance, high levels of productive capacity, and excellent quality of harvested grain. The S550 also has many built-in performance, safety, service, and reliability features to make harvesting easier ...