Grain Moisture Monitoring

Equipment & Solutions

  • Precision Computerized Moisture Control Monitors
    Showcase Product

    Precision Computerized Moisture Control Monitors

    By Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc.

    The COMPUDRY Command Center constantly monitors conditions such as grain moisture, grain temperature, and plenum temperature, while also controlling all components of the system. Designed with the operator in mind, it ...

  • Hand-Held Grain Moisture Tester
    Showcase Product

    Hand-Held Grain Moisture Tester

    By John Deere

    To help producers more accurately monitor the condition of their grain during harvest and in storage, John Deere introduces the GT-30300 Grain Moisture Tester. This new hand-held device provides direct readout of ...

  • Bench Grain Moisture Meter
    Showcase Product

    Bench Grain Moisture Meter

    By Gehaka

    Automatic sample weighing.FLOW THRU technology.G800 has standard RC-232C interface.Automatic sample temperature correction.Automatic moisture compensation.Large, independent, clearly marked keys easily performs any ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • GSF / Ag STAR

    GSF / Ag STAR

    GSF / Ag STAR specializes in grain testing and sampling. Our professional team is the most knowledgeable in the industry with years of national ...

  • DICKEY-john Europe SAS

    DICKEY-john Europe SAS

    DICKEY-john has been revolutionizing electronics for more than four decades. Customers look to DICKEY-john for market-leading monitors, controllers, ...

  • Harvest Agri Services (Pty) Ltd

    The mission of HARVEST AGRI SERVICES (Pty) Ltd is to assist farmers, agronomists and consultants who are serious about MANAGING their operations to ...

  • Steinlite Corporation

    Steinlite Corporation

    We have been manufacturing dielectric (capacitance) type grain moisture meters here in Atchison, Kansas since 1931, when Mr. Stein invented the ...

  • Eye-Grain Aps

    Eye-Grain Aps

    Eye-Grain Aps is a Danish company specialized in developing and manufacturing technology to the POST-HARVEST sector. Our products can monitor stored ...