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    The film backing is waterproof and oil resistant, polyester film isn't easy to be damaged and the surface is more smooth. For the concave and convex surface, the abrasive film will have a good job. It can supply the fine work surface and be folded to any shape, no broken. Using the special resin and advanced electrostatic sand planting process assures the grain is strewed evenly and bonded on the ...


  • The Price of Inefficient Design

    If a machine could save you more than $300,000 in two years, would it be worth purchasing? Probably. With savings like that, you could likely convince your CFO to make the investment. Yet ethanol producers often lose out on savings of this magnitude ...

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  • Direct Stubble Planting Combine Grain Machines

    Direct Stubble Planting Combine Grain Machines

    Cansa Direct stubble planting combine grain machines are use for the raw grain stubble after harvest and fertilizer directly to the desired weight and centimeters (cm) range has the ability to make planting.Using this machine prevents stubble fires,conserves timejaborfuel and water.