Grain Sampling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Measuring CO2 to Optimise the Bulk Storage of Food

    Meeting the food requirements of a growing global population is becoming increasingly difficult. Despite the need for additional food, it is estimated that 50-60% of grain is lost after harvesting, at a cost of about $1 trillion per year.1One of the major reasons for lost grain is spoilage due to mould or insect infestation during storage.2 To provide a constant


  • Inspect and document seed coating quality

    Digital microscopes are excellent tools for evaluating the seed coating application process. When zooming in on the coated seeds, it is easy to determine whether the film coating is evenly distributed and to create photo documentation that can be ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Pneumatic Inline Sampler

    Pneumatic Inline Sampler

    The IL50 Pneumatic Inline Sampler is used to take spot samples of granular products from the transfer duct. It can be combined with the IL50 Control Unit, which allows for a single sample to be taken by manual control, or a timer to be set to automatically take samples at set intervals. The sample falls by gravity from the collector, or can be attached to a transfer system to transport the sample ...