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  • New acquisition for AESA in Saudi Arabia

    New acquisition for AESA in Saudi Arabia

    Agriconsulting Europe SA proudly announces that has been awarded with the implementation of a new relevant  project in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that seeks to  Provides Technical Advice to the Grain Silos & Flour Mills Organization ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Multi Purpose Farm Analyser

    Multi Purpose Farm Analyser

    The CropScan 1000H is an upgraded version of the CropScan 1000G that has the ability to be used as:Portable Whole Grain Analyser: Use in the ute, chaser bin or truck to measure grain for protein, moisture and oil.On Cmbine Analyser: use in the header with the CropScan 3000H Remote Smapling Head, Fibre Optic Cable and Tocuh Screen PC to collect protein, moisture and oil data as the grain is ...