Grain Sorting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Automated Seed Phenotyping with the Vibe QM3 [WEBINAR]

    Join Dr. Edwin Reidel, Co-Founder of CID Agtech, Inc. and Mr. Ron Hadar, Chairman of Vibe Imaging Analytics to learn how the Vibe QM3 can help you to quickly count, measure, and classify seeds and grains based on size and color characteristics.Compared to tedious manual sorting and subjective visual inspection, the work in your lab will instantly become more objective and repeatable with the ...


  • Farmer-to-farmer videos improve rice production worldwide

    In a new blog entry, Worldwatch Research Intern Alex Tung reports on efforts by smallholder rice farmers to improve production through instructional videos developed and distributed by farmers themselves.Some 80 percent of the world"s rice ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Lacotec Mills and Mastercracker

    Lacotec Mills and Mastercracker

    Lacotec mills can process all sorts of grains and pulses. Different size mills with outputs up to 80 ton per hour. Very low power requirments, and built for a long operational life. Mounted or trailed machines available with many options.