Grain Storage

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  • Side Wall Semi Trailer

    When it comes to Side Wall Semi Trailer and Fence Semi Trailer, it is not easy to differentiate them from each other. So what is the advantage of the Side Wall Semi Trailer and Fence Semi Trailer? How do I choose an appropriate one for business? They are also modified based on Flatbed type by adding stakes or boards based on measurements and character of the cargo. They are also similar to Van on ...


  • Murray Basin Rail Project must be completed as promised

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is calling on the Victorian and Federal Governments to commit to fully funding the Murray Basin Rail Project as originally outlined in the 2015 business case, including the promised increases in Tonne Axle Load ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ventigaines and Ventilames

    Ventigaines and Ventilames

    They are used for the aeration of the grain inside round silos or inside storage buildings. The ventigaines can be moved when the building is empty so the surface can be used for any other purpose. The ventilames must be placed on channels in the foundations. The ventilames “CAMION” (“TRUCK”) are made of a thicker steel and support up to 7 tons par wheel.