Grain Temperature Management

Equipment & Solutions

  • Grain Heaters
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    Grain Heaters

    By OLIS Ltd.

    Heater (Fig. 1) consists of a receiving hopper (pos. 1), one or more heating sections (pos. 2) and exhaust devices (Poz.3). Heating section (Fig. 2) is a construction pit type with rectangular cross-section 1000h1000mm ...

  • Grain Cooler
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    Grain Cooler

    By North American Equipment Co.

    TORNUM Grain Coolers are available with different capacities. The coolers are designed with a truly environmental friendly indirect cooling system requiring 80 % less refrigerant compared to traditional cooling systems.

  • Ventilator
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    By BIN Ltd.

    During active ventilation of grain huge amount of air is pumped through a layer of grain. When run in appropriate ambient conditions, this process results in cooling and drying of grain stored in a silo. Design and ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • KALLAND Technology AB

    KALLAND Technology from Sweden is the German manufacturer FrigorTec`s sales agent for northern Europe. We provide equipment for grain cooling, ...

  • FrigorTec GmbH

    FrigorTec GmbH

    FrigorTec provides solutions around the world for grain cooling as well as crane cooling and supplies the corresponding refrigerators such as grain ...

  • Evans and Pearce

    Evans and Pearce

    Today Evans and Pearce Ltd are at the forefront of grain ventilation and processing; with an eye constantly to the future we are always looking to ...