Grain Temperature Management

Equipment & Solutions

  • Utility Drill
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    Utility Drill

    By Truax Company, Inc.

    The Truax alternative for seed delivery and placement when Drilling in close quarters such as in narrow ditch bottoms or around structural improvements.

  • Multicrop Thresher
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    Multicrop Thresher

    By Basant Products (India)

    ”VIDHATA” Multi-crop Threshers are capable of running compatible with tractor from 2 HP to 40 HP. These threshers are suitable for threshing crops like wheat, maize, sorghum, grains, sunflower, ragi, ...

  • Grain Dryer
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    Grain Dryer

    By Delux Mfg. Co.

    Grain Dryers; DPX16GT Series; Capacities up to 3,280 bph & Low Fill Height. Very high efficient vacuum cooled dryers. Standard grain turners and unique SelfKleen design.

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    Remember these safety reminders when working around full binsIf you have any grain left from last ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • BDC Systems Limited

    BDC Systems Limited

    BDC Systems was established in 1994. Since then, the company has developed into a market leading provider of grain handling and storage solutions. ...

  • Bintec GmbH & Co. KG

    Bintec GmbH & Co. KG

    We are a young company that specializes in the planning, construction and marketing of efficient grain storage systems and their components in ...

  • KALLAND Technology AB

    KALLAND Technology from Sweden is the German manufacturer FrigorTec`s sales agent for northern Europe. We provide equipment for grain cooling, ...

  • De Vree Equipment Sales Pty Ltd

    De Vree Equipment Sales Pty Ltd

    De Vree Equipment Sales Pty Ltd are Australian importers and retailers of specialised equipment, concentrating in the Agricultural sector. Our ...

  • Truax Company, Inc.

    Truax Company, Inc.

    Truax Company has been in business in Minneapolis, Minnesota building grass-seeding equipment since 1974. As a landscaper during the early 1970’s, ...