Grain Testing

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  • Why We Launched Indigo Marketplace

    The system by which we grow and distribute grain is well over a hundred years old. In the early 1900s, with significant urban migration, came the need for an efficient way to transport crops from rural areas to city centers. This led to the development of a commodity system, in which growers brought their harvested grain to silos where it was mixed with their neighbors’. Growers were paid a ...


  • Ohio’s 2015 Wheat Crop Faced Tough Year

    Growers wondering how this year’s historic rains have impacted wheat now have proof that it has indeed been a tough year for the crop, according to the results of the 2015 Ohio Wheat Performance Test.The test results are offered by researchers ...

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  • Grain Spoilage Test

    Grain Spoilage Test

    Grain storage studies have shown the utility of testing CO2 respiration as a means to gauge the potential for spoilage. Recent research shows that the CO2 released from incubated grains may be used to accurately predict remaining storage life. The Solvita procedure combines these findings with modern technology in a reliable, simple-to-use process which can be performed fairly rapidly and at ...