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  • White Spectrum LED Light
    Showcase Product

    White Spectrum LED Light

    By Senmatic A/S

    The FL300 Grow White spectrum was developed by growers with special lighting requirements and offers a full continuous spectrum. It is a combination of the Grow and the Sunlight spectrum, and combines the best of both ...

  • Housekeeper
    Showcase Product


    By Lewis Brothers Manufacturing

    The #2 Housekeeper was designed with the 1-3 house growers in mind. The #2 requires only a minimum of 40 horsepower for proper operation and is extremely durable. Optional equipment is available for spreading and the #2 ...

  • Mechanical Measuring Device
    Showcase Product

    Mechanical Measuring Device

    By AAMS Salvarani BVBA | Advanced Agricultural Measurement Systems NV (AAMS)

    The AAMS mechanical measuring device, to define the flow rate of nozzles mounted on sprayers, is made of durable materials and is compact for easy transport purpose. The device is equipped with quick fit couplings, to ...

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  • Abby Farms

    Abby Farms

    Abby Farms is a unique landscape supplier. As a grower, we produce a diverse mix of plants for your projects. We also supplement this inventory with ...

  • N. Blosi

    N. Blosi

    The company was founded in 1969 under the name “Blosi Sante” and shortly later became “Blosi Sante and Son” in Reda di Faenza (RA). The first ...



    Our company, C.I. LOS AROMAS FARMS S.A.S., was established in 2002, starting as a small farm growing hydrangeas, callas and mini-callas.  Today, we ...

  • Verdera Oy - Lallemand Animal Nutrition

    Verdera Oy - Lallemand Animal Nutrition

    Verdera is your best partner, when reliable biological solutions are needed in forestry, horticulture and amenity. Our natural solutions do not ...

  • TerrAvion


    TerrAvion was founded on three main insights from this experience: First, imagery is really, really powerful for people doing operations outdoors. It ...