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Harrows equipment for Crop Cultivation

  • Athens - Model 153 - Heavy-duty Tandem Disc Harrow

    1 1/2' Cold Rolled Square Gang Axle.Double Tapered Roller Bearings. Rigid or Spring Bearing Hangers with Wear Guards.Disc Blades, 24' Diameter C/O or SM.Disc Spacing, 9 1/2'.Dual Wheels.Lifting Hydraulics.Heavy-Duty Tube Mounted Scrapers.Cover Discs with Scrapers.Self-Leveling Frame.Mechanical Transport.Reversible Tongue Clevis.Gang Wrench and ...

    By Athens Plow Company,Inc. based in Athens, TENNESSEE (USA). from Pull-Type Disc Harrows Product line

  • Model SKE-V - Power Harrow

    The new SAUERBURGER SKE-V power harrow is an innovative improvement on today's fixed width harrows. The SKE-V can be adjusted,without the need for tools, quickly and easily to suit the width of your rows. The special outer blades for the SKE-V can be quickly adjusted by simply pulling the pin out, adjusting the blade and reinserting the pin. The ...

    By Sauerburger Traktoren und Gerätebau GmbH based in Wasenweiler, GERMANY. from Tillage- Harrow Product line

  • Vigolo - Model EN 3000 - Power Harrows

    The EN rotary harrow built by Vigolo is an extremely versatile and reliable piece of equipment specially designed to work with tractors rated up to 140 Hp. It size makes it ideal for preparing normal kinds of farm land with an optimum soilrefi ning in a single run.

    By Vigolo S.R.L. based in Alonte, ITALY. from Power Harrows Product line

  • Model SKE - Rotary Harrow

    The SAUERBURGER rotary harrows are designed for gentle soil cultivation in row crops. Smooth exterior surfaces and the minimal difference between the exterior width to the working width allow optimum work without damage to the vines or plants. These two rotary harrows ensure uniform crumbling and the creation of a level seedbed without forming a ...

    By Sauerburger Traktoren und Gerätebau GmbH based in Wasenweiler, GERMANY. from Tillage- Harrow Product line

  • Model HDDGR7 - Disc Harrow (3 Point )

    Heavy Duty 20 Blade Tillage Disc Nearly 1/3 heavier than our medium duty tillage disc, this heavy-duty box frame disc cuts through plowed soil even after rains and baking sun. Designed for serious farming or commercial operations where higher horsepower tractors are in use, this unit features 10-18' x 3mm notched blades, 10-18' x 3mm smooth ...

    By Ringo Hill Farm Equip. Co., Inc. based in Quakertown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Disc Harrow Product line

  • Model AIRSEM - Neumatic Seed-Drill

    Neumatic seed-drill, hydraulic folding frame for transport, into three sections to copy the field. With harrow tines, large capacity volumetric distributor, track eradicators spring, sowing manual override, lights kit and hydraulic markers. Seed-drill in three rows with depth control at the central body, it’s possible to put three different ...

    By Julio Gil Águeda e Hijos, S.A. based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Seed Drills Product line

  • Ogden - Flex Tine Harrow Carts

    Our Flex Tine Harrow Carts come in sizes of 7/16', 1/2', and 5/8' harrow. The 5/8' harrow sections can only be 6' long. We have 13 sizes available from 16' to 42'.

    By Ogden Metalworks, Inc. based in Ogden, ILLINOIS (USA). from Harrows Product line

  • Kulti-Dan - Flexible Seedbed Harrow

    Flexible seedbed harrow in working widths from 2.2 - 6.4 m. The Kulti-Dan is mounted with 4 rows of 10x32 mm tines with a tine row distance of 40 cm which will allow trash and stones to pass through. The tine angle can easily be adjusted in 4 different positions depending on soil type and working duty. The large 600x12 wheels ensure the depth ...

    By HE-VA ApS based in Nykøbing Mors, DENMARK. from Seedbed Harrows Product line

  • Swivel - Model 2M - On Wheels Caddy Chain Harrow

    Model 2M swivels for narrow width transporting. It handles Harrow widths of 17′ through 26′. We call it a Harrow Caddy, but they are more like a Chain Harrow on wheels. It is a simple design with many advantages:

    By Ralph Bridge Chain Harrows Ltd. based in Belwood, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Trailed Grass Harrows

    Pasture renovation; breaking up and levelling heavy soil. Stimulates growth by aerating and loosening thatch. Excellent for ripping out moss, spreading manure, and levelling mole hills. Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth. Works in fertiliser to both spread and maximise effectiveness. Surface levelling in equestrian centres, ...

    By Woodbine Farms based in Northants, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agri & Countryside Care Product line

  • Bellota inPHInium - Disk Harrow

    Today professional farmers are looking to optimize their efficiency. That's why they look for longer lasting products, as long as they are flexible and tough, and don't bend or break when working in difficult terrain. That's why BELLOTA has launched the inPHInium disc: the disc with the longest lifespan without breaking on the market.

    By Bellota Agrisolutions based in Legazpi, SPAIN. from Disc Harrow Product line

  • Front Pakker

    HE-VA Front-Pakker is the ideal solution to level and consolidate new ploughed soils. Thanks to HE-VA's unique ring profile, which HE-VA has developed over the years, an excellent cutting action is achieved whilst having the weight to consolidate in front of a harrow / drill combination. 1.5, 1.65, 2.6, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 m working widths ...

    By HE-VA ApS based in Nykøbing Mors, DENMARK. from Front Mounted Equipment Product line

  • Bale Shaver

    Ellis Products Bale Shaver.The palletized bale is placed inside the machine, the doors are closed, then an elevator feeds the bale into the horizontal scraper that acts as a harrow to evenly extract the peat or pre-mix layer-by-layer. Improved processing maximizes compressed bale yield and moisture content consistency.

    By Mitchell Ellis Products Inc based in Semmes, ALABAMA (USA).

  • EUROPLAN II - Seedbed Cultivators

    The EUROPLAN II seedbed devices of AGRI FARM were created for a precision seedbed: the perfect basis for sugar beets, rape, vegetables, grain, corn and all other crops.The revolutionary system with individual elements offers the really 'millimeter-exact' depth guidance. The 5 rows of tines are exactly guided at the desired depth, by three, with ...

    By AGRI FARM Machinery GesmbH based in Michelndorf / Tullnerfeld, AUSTRIA.

  • Elmer - Model Super 7 - Harrow

    Elmer's exclusive 7 bar configuration combined with ½' x 22' tines provides a fine field finish while accomplishing 40% more harrowing per pass. This makes the Elmer's Super 7 today's most versatile harrow allowing you to tackle any of your field conditions.

    By Busch Equipment Company LLC based in Columbus, NEBRASKA (USA).

  • Disc Harrows

    1.07m Disc harrow 16hp, 1.32m Disc harrow 20hp, 1.68m Disc harrow 30hp, 1.98m Disc harrow 40hp.

    By D W Tomlin based in Boston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Harrows Product line

  • Tandem Disc Harrows

    Increased manoeuvrability: you can carry out on-the-spot U-turns on headlands with this lift arm linkage system. Increased comfort: the simplified settings are mostly hydraulic with visual setting indicators. Higher work quality: the spring loaded blade holder leaves no area unworked, as well as protecting the bearings and the machine from ...

    By Brodyr Evans Bros based in Ceredigion, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Spring Tooth Harrow Rakes and Scrapers

    spring tooth rakes and blades, spring coil rake and scraper, belt raking and tedding machine, rakes and tedder machine, horse equipment, equipment for horse turf, turf machine, machine for turf, equipment for turf, turf take and harrows.

    By Luohe Orange Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Henan, CHINA.

  • Herculano - Model HMF - Forest Disc Harrow

    Sturdy built. Mounted on hydraulic tool carrier. Lubrificated bearings with tapered roller bearings and double leak-tightness. Disc shaft in heat-treated steel - 40 mm square. Indented discs - 8 mm thick.

    By HERCULANO Alfaias Agrícolas, SA based in Oliveira de Azeméis, PORTUGAL. from Disc Harrows Product line

  • Pepin - Three-Bar Coil-Tine Mulchers for Field Cultivators

    Tooth bars – 1 5/8” High Carbon O.D. Tubing.Braces – High Carbon Steel.Lever Assembly – Adjusts tooth angle to fit soil conditions.Teeth – 3/8” O.D. oil tempered, heat treated premier steel.Mulcher sections are interchangeable throughout the entire line for disk harrows and field cultivators.

    By Pepin Farm Implements based in Pepin, WISCONSIN (USA).

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